The DriveRack® series are a diverse group of processors that provide control of equalization and loudspeaker management. Used and appreciated in every kind of venue, from houses of worship to big-name world tours, the DriveRack series are the most popular loudspeaker management systems.

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Personal Monitor Control

Musicians know they perform better when the monitor mix is dialed in perfectly. Avoid cryptic hand signals between performers and engineers by letting each musician control their own mix with dbx Personal Monitor Control products.

  • PMC16

    Personal Monitor Controller
  • TR1616

    16x16 Digital I/O
  • PS6

    PMC Power Supply

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Dynamics Processors

When you’re cleaning up tracks in the studio or perfecting your live sound, you want to focus on your craft, not your hardware. Found in studios everywhere, dbx compressors, limiters, and gates are both easy to use and reliable. Built with flexibility and versatility in mind, dbx compressors, limiters, and gates enhance the quality of your performance without slowing you down.

  • 166xs

    Compressor / Limiter / Gate
  • 266xs

    Compressor / Gate
  • 160A

    Compressor / Limiter
  • 1074

    Quad Gate
  • 560A

    Compressor/Limiter - 500 Series
  • 520

    De-Esser - 500 Series

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Improve sound quality and speaker efficiency with world-renowned dbx crossovers. These crossover units deliver great performance, all the features you’d expect from a professional product, and the knowledge that you’re buying a trusted name who has been producing the world’s finest audio gear for over 25 years. The technology that made us famous brings you a dbx crossover that has been tested to the highest professional standards and will last for years.

  • 223s

    Stereo 2-Way/Mono 3-Way Crossover
  • 223xs

    Stereo 2-Way/Mono 3-Way Crossover with XLR Connectors
  • 234s

    Stereo 2/3 Way, Mono 4-Way Crossover
  • 234xs

    Stereo 2/3 Way, Mono 4-Way Crossover with XLR Connectors

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When the pros need an EQ, they turn to dbx. With a proven track record of ruggedness and reliability, dbx EQ’s are widely known as the industry standard at all levels. They just work, in the studio or on the road. The respected dbx heritage includes over 30 years of experience, patents, and awards, and these EQ’s maintain that tradition of excellence.

  • 131s

    Single 31-Band Graphic Equalizer
  • 215s

    Dual Channel 15-Band Equalizer
  • 231s

    Dual Channel 31-Band Equalizer
  • 1215

    Dual Channel 15-Band Equalizer
  • 1231

    Dual Channel 31-Band Equalizer
  • 2231

    Graphic Equalizer/Limiter with Type III™
  • iEQ15

    Dual 15-Band Graphic EQ with Type V™ NR and AFS®
  • iEQ31

    Dual 31-Band Graphic EQ/Limiter with Type V™ NR and AFS®
  • 530

    Parametric EQ - 500 Series

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Feedback Suppression

You never have to experience feedback problems again. Advanced Feedback Suppression (AFS) takes the guesswork out of controlling feedback, which is not only annoying but can even damage speakers – and ears. AFS is flexible and easy to use: just choose the level of suppression you want, and you’re done. AFS automatically stops feedback in its tracks.

  • AFS2

    Advanced Feedback Suppression® Processor with Full LCD Display
  • DriveRack 260

    Loudspeaker Management System
  • iEQ15

    Dual 15-Band Graphic EQ with Type V™ NR and AFS®
  • iEQ31

    Dual 31-Band Graphic EQ/Limiter with Type V™ NR and AFS®

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Subharmonic Synthesis

Why just rock the house when you can shake the foundation loose? For decades, the patented dbx Subharmonic Synthesis has been the secret weapon used by mobile DJ's and film and sound professionals to produce an impact unavailable from any other device. Subharmonic Synthesis brings out and extends bass frequencies, producing tremor-like lows you can feel as well as hear. It always gets a huge reaction from the crowd, and it’s available as a standalone unit or via the DriveRack family.

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The tradition of quality and reliability can be found in everything made by dbx, right down to direct boxes, RTA mics and patch bays. The best way to round out your collection of world-class dbx gear is with world-class dbx accessories you know you can depend on.

  • db10

    Passive Direct Box
  • db12

    Active Direct Box
  • PB48

    48-Point Patch Bay
  • RTA-M

    Reference Microphone
  • PS6

    PMC Power Supply
  • Di1

    Active Direct Box
  • DJDI

    2-channel Passive Direct Box
  • CT-2

    Cable Tester
  • CT-3

    Advanced Cable Tester
  • DI4

    Active 4 Channel Direct Box with Line Mixer

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