dbx Introduces DriveRack VENU360 Loudspeaker Management System With Mobile Device Control at NAMM 2015

dbx Introduces DriveRack VENU360 Loudspeaker Management System With Mobile Device Control at NAMM 2015

January 22, 2015

ANAHEIM, California – At NAMM 2015, HARMAN’s dbx announced the introduction of its DriveRack VENU360 Loudspeaker Management System, which enables a live or installed sound speaker system to be precisely optimized for the best-possible sound quality. Successor to the industry-standard DriveRack 260, the new VENU360 adds a host of additional features including mobile device control, additional input channels, improved DSP and easier operation.

“The DriveRack VENU360 provides a level of loudspeaker tuning that’s far beyond anything previously available,” said Jason Kunz, Market Manager, Portable PA and Recording & Broadcast. “The result is sound systems that simply sound better, with the major advantage of having complete control of the VENU360 from a laptop, tablet or even a smartphone."

The DriveRack VENU360 is a highly configurable and flexible device, which includes the latest advancements in dbx’s AFS™ and AutoEQ™ algorithms (first introduced in the well-received DriveRack PA2). It provides expanded input processing and includes dbx’s useful AFS (Advanced Feedback Suppression), which automatically detects and precisely removes problematic feedback-causing frequencies. Other input processing includes 31-band graphic EQ, 12-band parametric EQ with narrow-notch capabilities, dbx compression, subharmonic synthesis for enhanced low-frequency impact, backline time delay, and noise gating.

Multi-crossover configurations are possible with support for full range, 2-way or 3-way operation (custom mono 4-way, 5-way or 6-way configurations are also available). Extensive output processing is provided with 12-band AutoEQ (eight AutoEQ bands, four user configurable bands), dbx compression, automatic gain control, subharmonic synthesis, noise gating, tower delays (up to 1000ms per output), 8-band parametric EQs (used for speaker tunings), dbx limiting and driver alignment delays.

Connecting a dbx RTA-M measurement microphone (sold separately) to the front-panel RTA mic input allows dbx’s proprietary Level Assist and AutoEQ algorithms to be utilized, for automatic, precise system balancing and equalization of the loudspeakers within the venue, for a smoother, more accurate system frequency response. Since AutoEQ is now located in the output processing stage, independent sections of a system can be equalized automatically. This allows AutoEQ to be used on the FOH system as well as the stage monitors, zones and tower delays!

The DriveRack VENU360 can be set up and operated from a compatible iOS, Android, Windows or Macintosh device via an easy-to-use app and a standard Wi-Fi router connected to the rear-panel Ethernet port. The VENU360 also has a front-panel LCD display with on-screen “map”-style navigation and input and output meters and mutes for system setup and monitoring.

An improved automated Wizard setup utility now supports stage monitors, making setup of an entire sound system fast, easy and precise. The dbx Wizard automatically configures hundreds of audio parameters with the push of a few buttons, with no previous audio experience required. Among the Wizard’s many functions are Level Assist, AutoEQ, AFS and built-in speaker and amp tunings for JBL loudspeakers, Crown amplifiers and many more. Up to 75 user configurations can be saved, eliminating the need to enter the same system or venue settings over and over again.

The dbx VENU360 provides balanced XLR analog and AES digital inputs for connection to a mixer, with support for mono, stereo, LCR and aux-fed sub configurations. Six balanced XLR outputs can be configured for PA system front of house, stage monitors, delay towers, zones and more. Future firmware updates can be made via the USB port and firmware update utility.

The dbx DriveRack VENU360 will be available in April 2015 at a suggested price of $799.

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