Feedback Suppression

Feedback Suppression

You never have to experience feedback problems again. Advanced Feedback Suppression (AFS) takes the guesswork out of controlling feedback, which is not only annoying but can even damage speakers – and ears. AFS is flexible and easy to use: just choose the level of suppression you want, and you’re done. AFS automatically stops feedback in its tracks.
  • AFS2


    Advanced Feedback Suppression® Processor with Full LCD Display
  • DriveRack 260

    DriveRack 260

    Loudspeaker Management System
  • iEQ15


    Dual 15-Band Graphic EQ with Type V™ NR and AFS®
  • iEQ31


    Dual 31-Band Graphic EQ/Limiter with Type V™ NR and AFS®

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