New and improved System Architect provides faster, more comprehensive HiQnet™ support

January 21, 2010

Harman's professional division recently released System Architect 2.1, available to HiQnet™ users worldwide. The upgrade automates many of the more time consuming system design tasks, making it easier for audio engineers to set up and program a complex audio system.

System Architect 2.1 allows greater compatibility between HiQnet-enabled products from Crown, JBL, dbx, AKG and BSS Audio. For instance, frequency coordination of the AKG DMS 700 wireless microphone system can be performed with 1 Click Setup from AKG’s plugin. ‘1-Click Setup’ easily calculates discrete, inter-modulation-free frequencies for the entire wireless system.

System Architect can also now group multiple like-devices within rack and arrays and automatically create master panels. Through an easy to use graphical interface, these control panels can be assigned to racks, arrays and areas, putting access to control exactly where it makes sense and where it should be.

“With this new upgrade to System Architect, Harman Professional offers its customers the ability to manage all the products within a HiQnet system with remarkable efficiency,” said Adam Holladay, Market Manager, System Development and Integration Group. “With the operational and performance optimizations that come with the new upgrade, each HiQnet product can effectively work towards providing a more unified system, together reaching a greater potential than alone and with minimal work from the engineer.”

Additional features added to System Architect 2.1 include the ability to readdress devices directly in the venue, both online and offline; the ability to reorder devices in racks and arrays by address and a new region indicator control for use in advanced Custom Panel design. The user interface was upgraded to include a file load progress bar, and also provides enhancements to the intelligent Network Troubleshooter to assist with solving network complications

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