dbx® Professional Products DriveRack® 4800 Brings It All Together at the New Legacy Recording Studios in New York

March 07, 2007

Winter NAMM 2007 Anaheim, CA, January, 2007- Booth#7800 — dbx® Professional Products, a Salt Lake City-based manufacturer of professional signal processing products and a division of Harman International, is pleased to announce that Legacy Recording Studios in New York City has purchased and installed two dbx DriveRack® 4800 System Processors. The DriveRack 4800 units were installed in Studio A and Studio C at Legacy Recording’s West 48th Street location in Midtown Manhattan. Legacy also operates one of the largest and newest orchestral recording studios in the world. The DriveRack units are used to provide speaker control, alignment and equalization for a set of Augspurger main monitors in each room. The installation was part of a major upgrade to the facility earlier this year, after two leading New York studios, Sound On Sound Studios and Right Track Recording, were merged to create one of the most advanced suites of studios in the U.S.

“Part of the upgrade to Studios A and C was the addition of the new Augspurger monitors,” explains Frank Filipetti, Partner and Chief Engineer at Legacy Recording, also the producer and/or engineer on dozens of multi-platinum selling records for artists including Korn, James Taylor, Elton John and Barbra Streisand. “The Augspurgers are sensitive speakers, especially in the upper harmonics and in their directionality. They’re complex and require tuning, like a sports car. Brad Leigh [Chief Technical Engineer at Legacy] and I weren’t happy with most of the digital or analog crossover options available out there. We looked very hard and it came down to two possibilities, both of which we tested extensively. In the end, the dbx DriveRack was the only game in town. The DriveRack 4800s tamed these speakers. It is the only speaker management system that has ever allowed me to get them to sound exactly the way I want them to. Everyone who works in Studio A and Studio C tells us these are the best-sounding Augspurgers they have ever heard. That’s the kind of feedback you want to hear.”

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