Electric Factory Will Continue to Make History with dbx® Professional Products DriveRack® 4800

March 07, 2007

Winter NAMM 2007 Anaheim, CA, January, 2007- Booth#7800 — Electric Factory, a legend in live music for over 30 years, has taken its system to the next level with a DriveRack® 4800 System Processor from dbx® Professional Products, a Salt Lake City-based manufacturer of professional signal processing products and a division of Harman International. The DriveRack 4800 provides Philadelphia’s Electric Factory with flexibility, sonic excellence and intuitive control for every performance. The unit features a wealth of EQ, delay, classic dbx compression and limiting, bandpass and crossover filters, while its 96 kHz processing engine and standard digital I/O further extend frequency response and reduce latency. Pro Audio, a design/installation company based in Pitman, New Jersey, did the installation.

The way the installation of the dbx DriveRack 4800 at Electric Factory came about is a classic story. “The sound system had another manufacturer’s processor for the last three years, but it was temperamental and difficult to operate,” recalls Frank Silva, Owner of Pro Audio. “One evening earlier this year, I got an urgent call saying that their controller had finally failed for good and could we help them. They needed it replaced by the next night. As it happens, my dbx rep had a DriveRack 4800 on hand which he had been planning on demoing for me. I had never used one before. I downloaded the software and went to install the unit. Neither they nor I had ever used a DriveRack 4800 before that moment and I guess you could say we both learned something that night. The unit sounded so good — it took their system so many light years beyond what it had been capable of before — that they purchased it on the spot.” Silva cites chronic issues that they have faced over the years, including reverberations and reflections throughout the cavernous 3,000-seat space. “I was amazed at the difference that one unit could make in a system,” he remarks.

Today, the dbx DriveRack 4800 is the sole controller for the entire system, handling EQ, delay and other processing functions. Silva says he’ll also be using the DriveRack 4800 on other projects in the future. “Besides sounding as good as it does, the 4800 programs like a dream — intuitive and easy. I had never used it before and I had it up and running in no time. Great design, great performance.”

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