Mahajak Equips New Zhulian Auditorium With dbx ZonePRO

Mahajak Equips New Zhulian Auditorium With dbx ZonePRO

November 10, 2011

NONTABURI, Thailand – Consumer goods giant Zhulian (Thailand) Ltd. has developed a 2-storey mega-auditorium building on its premises in Nontaburi Province, adjacent to the regional office building. Center Stage Company, a subsidiary of Mahajak Development Co., the Bangkok-based HARMAN Professional distributor, provided audio system design, consultancy, equipment supply and installation services, centered on an integrated HARMAN audio solution.

With a capacity of 7,000 people, the technical infrastructure of the Royal Grand Ballroom, as it is known, needed to deliver high-quality music and speech reinforcement in a number of applications; these range from sales representative meetings, product presentations and themed entertainment.

Center Stage Company’s provided a JBL VERTEC® line array system, powered by Crown amplifiers, under the system management of BSS Audio and dbx digital signal processing. However, the integrators had to face a number of challenges along the way, due to the unusual dimensions of the room and difficulty of line array fixing points, the restricted control room size and necessity to add acoustic conditioning to the building. By working closely with the client, these issues were systematically resolved.

“We made every effort to set out our requirements and the client agreed to acoustically treat the building,” confirmed the system design engineering team of Nungrutai Sangsawang and Jirayu Nunium, for product information support from Mahajak Development. “As a result we have been able to provide a top-quality sound system with even dispersion to every seat in the house.”

The main auditorium PA rig features left and right hangs of 12 VERTEC VT4888 midsize line array elements per side, with eight JBL ASB6128 subwoofers, recessed and arrayed under the stage. To carry the sound down the auditorium, Center Stage Company installed a further four JBL AC28/95 compact 2-way speakers under the balcony.

Back onstage, the performers can use up to six SRX712M floor monitors, while out in the foyer a pair of JBL VRX932LA Constant Curvature loudspeakers have been deployed.

The entire system is powered by Crown amplification. While 24 MA5000i modules drive the main system and four MA12000i the subs, XTi 1000’s power other elements of the auditorium sound (including floor monitors) and CDi 4000 and CDi 1000 are assigned to other peripherals, including the Entrance Hall speakers.

Sound management has been placed in a BSS Audio Soundweb London environment, with a BLU-160 configured 8-in/8-out. The system is optimized via a pair of BSS Audio FDS-366T OMNIDRIVE COMPACT Plus loudspeaker management processors, with zone processing under the command of a dbx ZonePRO 640 Digital Zone Processor.

Keeping faith with other brands in the HARMAN portfolio, Center Stage Company installed a 32-channel compact Soundcraft Si1 console for main FOH auditorium mixing and EFX12 as a sub mixer support, for presenters bringing their own source players.

The full scope of the contract included providing AV integration and interior LED not only for the auditorium, but also the other peripheral areas.

From an audio perspective, the installers’ solution was to specify JBL Control 24’s in the Executive Area, Shop and Corridor, Control 26’s in the Diamond Club, Control 28’s in the Foyer, Control CRV‘s in the Canteen and CBT 70J’s in the Main Entrance.

Summing up, Ms Nungrutai said, “The client is very satisfied with our system design and quality of sound equipment, as well as our recommended improvements to the acoustics.”

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