dbx® Professional Products DriveRack® 4800 Makes a Complex Club Sound System Renovation TRU-ly Amazing

March 07, 2007

Winter NAMM 2007 Anaheim, CA, January, 2007- Booth#7800 — Club TRU has been a tradition in Atlantic City for 25 years, one of the resort and casino town’s famous all-night party marathon locations. When new owners took over, they decided that in order to keep an edge in the race for the greatest sound in Atlantic City, Club TRU’s system needed updating. However, it not only had to sound great but also accommodate Club TRU’s multi-space environment, which includes a main dance floor, a martini lounge and an outdoor deck that is additionally used for retail purposes during the day. Enter the digital system controller that can do it all — the DriveRack® 4800 System Processor from dbx® Professional Products, a Salt Lake City-based manufacturer of professional signal processing products and a division of Harman International.

Powerhouse Sound, a Cherry Hill, New Jersey systems designer/installer, was tapped to renovate Club TRU’s sound system. They brought in components from the Harman Pro Group, including JBL Professional® Venue Series speakers and Crown® I-Tech amplifiers. “Ever since the Borgata opened in Atlantic City, there’s been a real race here in terms of club sound system technology,” says Scott Kemly, Owner of Powerhouse Sound, referring to the luxury hotel and casino that opened in 2004 and marked a new level of technology in the city. With such high-end components being used in a multi-zone location, Kemly turned to the famed dbx DriveRack series of digital systems controllers. He used a DriveRack 4800 as the controller for the main dance floor area, adding a DriveRack PA for the outdoor deck. The flexibility the DriveRack 4800 offered his design was unparalleled. “The main room hosts both DJs and live bands, and the DriveRack 4800 has two sets of inputs,” Kemly explains. “Each application has its own set up always ready to go. We used the System Architect™ software to program and back up the 4800, but we could also make changes using the high-resolution screen it has, which makes quick late-night tweaks a breeze. The 4800’s ‘brick-wall’ limiters are top-notch, which is important because DJs are always trying to drive the system, and we need to protect the amps. And sonically, the 4800 is amazing — clean, transparent and absolutely no digital artifacts.”

The DriveRack PA was equally praised for its sound, functionality and performance. “We have it acting as a three-way crossover controlling Crown Macro-Tech MA-1202 amps for the highs, MA-2402 amps on the lows, and MA-5002 amps on the subs,” Kemly continues. “That deck gets very loud and very hot at night. It pushes the system to the limit, but the DriveRack PA is incredibly strong. It just runs all night long. We’ve never had a failure. No one can deliver that kind of performance at that price point. Not even close.”

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