500 Series

dbx has a long and venerated past with modular processors dating back to our classic 900 Series, which are still mainstays in many professional recording studios. Our new 500 Series modules continue that tradition offering legendary dbx processing with modern design.

  • 510

    Subharmonic Synthesizer - 500 Series
  • 520

    De-Esser - 500 Series
  • 530

    Parametric EQ - 500 Series
  • 560A

    Compressor/Limiter - 500 Series
  • 580

    Mic Preamp - 500 Series

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Microphone Preamps

The mic preamps developed by dbx are so widely used and respected by sound engineers that the name of one of our most popular preamps – the 286 – has become a universally used term that means “mic preamp.” Our mic pre’s set the standard in the broadcast and studio worlds by providing sound engineers all the processing they need for their mics.

  • 286s

    Microphone Pre-amp Processor
  • 376

    Tube Channel Strip w/Digital Out
  • 676

    Tube Microphone Preamp Channel Strip
  • 580

    Mic Preamp - 500 Series

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Dynamics Processors

When you’re cleaning up tracks in the studio or perfecting your live sound, you want to focus on your craft, not your hardware. Found in studios everywhere, dbx compressors, limiters, and gates are both easy to use and reliable. Built with flexibility and versatility in mind, dbx compressors, limiters, and gates enhance the quality of your performance without slowing you down.

  • 166xs

    Compressor / Limiter / Gate
  • 266xs

    Compressor / Gate
  • 160A

    Compressor / Limiter
  • 1046

    Quad Compressor / Limiter
  • 1074

    Quad Gate
  • 560A

    Compressor/Limiter - 500 Series
  • 520

    De-Esser - 500 Series

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The tradition of quality and reliability can be found in everything made by dbx, right down to direct boxes, RTA mics and patch bays. The best way to round out your collection of world-class dbx gear is with world-class dbx accessories you know you can depend on.

  • db10

    Passive Direct Box
  • db12

    Active Direct Box
  • PB48

    48-Point Patch Bay
  • RTA-M

    Reference Microphone
  • PS6

    PMC Power Supply
  • Di1

    Active Direct Box
  • DJDI

    2-channel Passive Direct Box
  • CT-2

    Cable Tester
  • CT-3

    Advanced Cable Tester
  • DI4

    Active 4 Channel Direct Box with Line Mixer

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